Before Circus Over (Neovinyl Records/2008)

Bottlesmoker / Before Circus Over (Neovinyl Records/2008)

1. Circum Pacific
2. Before Circus Over
3. Running Boy Sunglasses
4. Messenger Day
5. Come Back To The Light
6. Sailing on Autumn Leaves
7. I Can’t Play Piano
8. Triple Head With Empty Space

“love it it’s great…very chilled with a lovely melody” – James Yuill
“I like your sound bottlesmoker, just greetings from Japan” – Organic Stereo
“mini-minimalist chiptuney epics of simultaneous soaring joy and meditative melancholy that even post-rockers” – Junk-online
“dream-world brand of IDM as bedroom music” – pulse music
“I like their sound a lot, it reminds me little of Nathan Fake’s first album” – Rotten Fresh.

Bottlesmoker / Slow Mo Smile

Slow Mo Smile

Bottlesmoker / Slow Mo Smile
1. Hello We Are Bottlesmoker
2. Where’s My Wings
3. Slow Mo Smile
4. Stringless Purslane
5. Semantic Island
6. Before Circus Over
7. A Lot Of Numbers
8. You Just A Noise For Me

“paduan musik elektronik yang unik dengan jejak musik pop di beberapa sudutnya” – Pop Circle
“deep passionated electro pop soul” – deathrockstar
“Bottlesmoker brings some airy casiopop tunes through their songs” – Disconinjaz
“bottlesmoker is definitely one of indonesia’s finest idm acts. truly a treat to listen to” – spazzkid


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